My Wrath *2003 Poem

Anger has spilled
hatred in it’s growing rage
Guns raining blood
Sounding cries and screams
Freeze the falling tear
To match their icy hearts
Retaliating with fire
Burning into history’s part.

Souls bound by weight
Sad spirits weep
Laughter and smiles forgotten
Now acquainted with fear.

Bodies buried in shallow graves
Left to mingle with death
Silence surviving all these years
Drowned by emptiness
Calm quiet kin
Too stubborn to fall
Cherish this every moment
Destroying our salvation.

This was a poem I wrote on terrorism back when I was a teen in 2003. I don’t remember if it was for school or just to get something out of my system but there it is.
Copyrighted LJPengu 2003


Author: ljpengu

I am a freelance artist who paints and dabbles in wire work and crafts. Working on my masters in Fine Arts.

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