I Love Lucy Fan Art (Video)

I am a huge I Love Lucy fan and was trying to come up with a tattoo design a while back. This is a second drawing of it and I decided to make a quick time lapse video for it. It was sketched out first before I started the video. You can watch it here. Please take a moment to stop by my channel to see it and if you like my art, subscribe!



My First All Pen Sketch


This is the first time I tried an all pen sketch. I seem to be in a mosaic phase so this is how it turned out. I’m really happy with how the tree and colors turned out and it didn’t take nearly as long as most of my other pictures take. I may do another with a time lapse video for my youtube channel. What do you think?
If you want to see some of my time lapse videos go to my youtube channel LJPengu or click the link below. I dabble in several topics on my channel from World of Warcraft to my pets and my art so you may find some other topics you like. Thank you for stopping by!

Watch “Husky teaches Sugar Gliders How to Hamster” on YouTube

Had some fun with my pets a while back and still get a kick out of it. My husky,Moon, was real gentle with Desi (the sugar glider) and was trying to help him learn how to roll in the ball. It’s so cute and funny! Enjoy!

Finally Finished My Mosaic!

After taking a few months off for commissions I finally got to finish this beauty! It is just over 2 feet tall and 1ft wide. Done in acrylics on glass. I had fun doing this one and have one more panel left for a new image.

There are two timelapse videos on my youtube channel if you are interested in seeing the process. My channel is Ljpengu or you can go here for the latest: video and if you have a channel of your own please like and subscribe!

It is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop (link under video description). Let me know what you think!

Chainmail Earrings available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/486933867/silver-chainmail-helm-weave-earrings

I had fun making these and even made a pair for myself (and I rarely keep my own products). These are a beautiful pair you should check out. With Christmas around the corner they would make a great gift! Also, check out any other items I have for sale if these aren’t the pair for you.

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Chainmail Dice Bag/Coin Purse for Sale!

Buy it Here!

Since my fiance plays Dungeons and dragons every week I’ve found myself in the habit of making more and more Chain mail items. I have a couple extras up for sale! This one is a basic design with a neat arrow head pull string. It doesn’t have to be for dice either. It would be a great accessory for larping or just holding some change. Grab it while you can!s-l1600