Youtube Celebrities: Jenna Marbles Review

I spend a lot of time on youtube. It’s a great time killer, full of diy’s, how to’s and all sorts of aspects of life. It’s also a very opinionated place. I’ve come across several youtube celebrities and even follow some of them. One of which is Jenna Marbles. I’ve seen some nasty comments on her for her looks, character, personality and topics but this is a positive review.

I enjoy her videos. I find her funny and smart (despite her child like nature and cursing). She is an adult after all and can act and live in whatever manner makes her happy just as anyone else. My fiance says she’s only a hit because she cakes on the makeup to be a hottie but I don’t agree. Through her rants and opinions I’ve found she brings up good points on life. For example in one of her videos “People who need to pipe the fuck down”, my interpretation is she speaks of merely respecting those around you. She talks about how people need to be more aware of their surroundings in regards of not walking into each other (an annoyance I can relate to) or how relentless kiosks vendors can be bothersome (also relate-able). Granted most of her videos are more based on humor and revolve around her life, if you pay attention to some of her points of view, you may find she brings up good points in some of her videos.

Jenna is just living her life as best she can and enjoying is to the fullest and sharing it with us. This is what I love about youtubers. There’s nothing wrong with letting people in if you have the confidence to do so. I would but lets face it…I’m not that funny otherwise I’d make this a vlog instead. Sure I can have fun and be silly with my friends but put me infront of a camera or strangers I’ll freeze. But watching others who have that extrovert personality and confidence to make strangers smile inspires me and hopefully one day others like me will learn to open up more. So go check her out if you havent all ready (if you don’t mind a lot of cursing)lol. She may make you smile.


Author: ljpengu

I am a freelance artist who paints and dabbles in wire work and crafts. Working on my masters in Fine Arts.

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