Watch “Sugar Glider BML Formula – How To” on YouTube

This is just a quick video on how to make this recipe for sugar gliders BML formula. Check it out if you’re having a hard time with yours.


World of Warcraft, Legion: Warlock Leveling Guide

Legion will be here in less than 24 hours and I bet you’re as excited as I am! And just like previous expansions, we will have some leveling to do in order to get caught back up. For some reason I’ve always found leveling easier than the rest of the game play and even though Warlock was never my first choice, for me, it is the easiest to level. So lets get to it…

The fastest way I’ve ever leveled has been with affliction. Dotting several enemies at once while letting your Voidwalker do the tanking drops the enemies fairly fast while never being touched.

*Here are my specs for my talent tree thus far:
15: Haunt – deals extra damage
30: Contagion – Unstable affliction gets 15% extra damage
45: Demon Skin – Soul leech recharges and can absorb 20% max health.
60: Siphon Life – Siphons targets life essence, dealing damage and healing you for 100% of damage.
75: Dark Pact – Sacrifices 20% of your demon’s health to shield you for 400% of sacrificed health for 20 sec. (can be useful when being attacked by multiple targets your demon does not have aggro on).
90: Grimoire of Service – Summons a second demon for 25 seconds for extra damage (who wouldn’t want more help?)
100: Phantom of Singularity – places a dot above the target consuming life of all enemies within 25 yards dealing extra damage while healing you. (very helpful when in a bind. Soul conduit would be my second choice considering how many soul shards I use.)

Now for the rotation:
As you pick your targets begin dotting them up with …
1.Unstable affliction – Haunt (try to cast these two as close together as possible)
2. Corruption – Siphon Life – Agony
3. Use Drain Life on individual targets while waiting until dots are up or target is dead. Continue the 3 steps until targets are dead.
*Seed of corruption is good when you have multiple targets grouped together. Use only on one target at a time.
*If your health is at max or pretty good and your demon may be taking on too much to handle and is close to death use Health Funnel to heal it, sacrificing some of your own health.

*Remember to keep fear on hand in case your demon dies and/or you become overrun but too many targets or too strong an opponent.

*ALWAYS keep a soul stone and health stones on hand.
*When in a group (such as a dungeon or raid) your fell hunter will be a better companion. Voidwalkers can get in the way of tanks.)

*Remember you can life tap if you run low on mana. With all the extra healing your spells should be doing you should have plenty of health to sacrifice.

This is just a basic run down to help people who struggle understanding concepts of the game. I’ve tried to simplify it for those who may have trouble absorbing the mechanics all at once. With this, once you get the hang of it, the rest begins to become easier to understand.

I hope it helped for some, if not most of you. Happy leveling in the new expansion!