Watch “Husky teaches Sugar Gliders How to Hamster” on YouTube

Had some fun with my pets a while back and still get a kick out of it. My husky,Moon, was real gentle with Desi (the sugar glider) and was trying to help him learn how to roll in the ball. It’s so cute and funny! Enjoy!


Pokemon Go Will Send You Into Hell…

…if you live in the hot southern states. Haha, did I get you?

Living in Florida is no joke. The summers here are brutal and winters feel like summer should feel. Trying to play this game in the summer can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.

If you live in a hot state like I do and want to play the game, make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER! When it first came out and people around me were leveling fast I wanted to catch up. I went to one of our parks after my class and it was in the middle of the day,, 94 degrees outside. The park had 8 pokestops and silly me decided to take a soda. Sure enough I blacked out from dehydration once I got home after spending just two hours at the park. Even though I would stop under every bit of shade I could find I still paid the price of not drinking enough water. Soda was a bad idea on my part.


It’s also better to go during the cooler hours of the day, like early morning or in the evening/night. I went during the hottest part of the day which wasn’t wise. Sure enough I learned my lesson and even though I’m still a lower level that all my friends I’ve learned to take it easy and go when appropriate for me.

Be careful playing the game. If you insist on playing while driving make sure to have a passenger who can do it for you so you can focus on the road. Don’t play yourself while driving. I would say watch where you’re walking to (stay aware of your surroundings) but seeing people walk into trees, benches, ect is just too funny.


I was amazed at how many people I saw at the parks I visited though. I had never seen so many people here before and even made a couple new acquaintances. It definitely does bring people together but also be careful with strangers. There are still bad people out there who can take advantage of this and may try to take advantage of you. Proceed with caution but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the game!