World of Warcraft: Legion Draenor Quest line Bug Fix

I spent a good half hour trying to figure out why I wasnt seeing Khadgar. Was he on a platform? Flew up and saw none. Was he underground? Given Draenor is a flying Island, no. Finally I did some reading seeing if anyone else was having the same issue. They were. Though most didn’t have a solution I saw one comment on a remedy that worked. Simply log out and log back in. So I tried it and it definitely did work! I also recorded it on my OBS system and uploaded it to youtube to show other players that it should work for them as well so if you’re stuck on this as I was just give it a try. If you need proof or want to make sure its the same spot as what I’m talking about then check out my video below. When Legion is finally released (I pre-ordered it)I will hopefully have more videos up on what to expect so please like and subscribe to my channel!

Youtube Video Bug Fix


Author: ljpengu

I am a freelance artist who paints and dabbles in wire work and crafts. Working on my masters in Fine Arts.

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