Test Anxity

Even with my panic disorder I’ve never had test anxiety before I started taking college algebra. Math has always been a difficult subject for me (which is one of the reasons I chose to go into art) but after I failed the first time around I became worried.

A lot of people may struggle with school and get nervous when exams come around. I do great in any other subject but this threw me through a loop! This semester was my third attempt to get through this class and I had a lot riding on it. If I didn’t pass I would of had to drop out! Going through the grade forgiveness made this the last time I could take the class and without it is wouldn’t get my degree. But I made it. I managed to pass!

I had so much riding on this I barely made it through the exam. My stomach was torn up, I was having panic attacks and trying hard not to puke. Test anxiety is a real thing and I experienced it for the first time.

If anyone else goes through this just remember, it’s only temporary and is worth it in the end! If I can make it through something like that so can you! Don’t ever give up!


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Author: ljpengu

I am a freelance artist who paints and dabbles in wire work and crafts. Working on my masters in Fine Arts.

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